These switchboards are used for automatic, reactive, current compensation (ARCC) in low voltage systems with power factor settings from 0.85 inductive-load to 0.95 leading-load. This is controlled by an automatically-regulated microprocessor. These are designed for low voltage switchboards generally for interior use, but can also be utilised for outside use on transmission towers. We generally use Lovato, ABB or Circutor regulators. All condensators are eco-friendly, filled with vegetable oil or in dry alluminium boxes with safety-pressure isolators, e.g. SIEMENS EPCOS, ZEZ Žanberg, DNA, etc.

     All switchboards are fitted with the latest-generation contactors for leading-load switching. A double-pole switching system is used, which limits transient performance that can occur during capacitor controlled circuit-closure. Most of our compensatory switchboards are encased in sheet metal enclosures of our own in-house design and production. They can be wall-mounted or freestanding. If required, we can also offer a mounting and commissioning service.

Compensatory switchboard RC 600kVAr construction example

SR boxes Width – 2400 mm
Height 2100 mm
Depth 800 mm
Electrical enclosure: IP40/00
Master switch: Merlin Gerin, Interpact 1600A
Busbars: CU 3 x 2 x 80/10 milimetres + 1 x 60/10 milimetres
Capacitors: 24 x 25kVAr